What is water soluble CBD?

Cannabis molecules are known for the fact that they are not dissolving in water. So when you think about it, there’s no real way you can create water soluble CBD. But this product exists, and the way it works is downright impressive.

Why do we need water soluble CBD?

Our bodies are 60% water and that means the bioavailability of CBD methods will differ quite a bit based on a multitude of factors. What you will notice in the case of oral administering this kind of stuff is that the bioavailability will be around 4%, and that’s not a lot. You can feel the effect of the methods but not that much to begin with. That’s why Water Soluble CBD was created, with the idea to bring in better bioavailability.

What is water soluble CBD and how can you create it?

The idea is that you get to create an oil with cannabidiol, where you have both CBD and water. The resulting CBD oils is compatible with water. Of course, calling this water soluble CBD is a bit too much because cannabis compounds are not dissolved in any way. In order to create Water Soluble CBD, manufacturers are using nanotechnology. They are using soundwaves particularly designed to break down the CBD clusters in small particles. These are way smaller than 100 nanometers. Since the particles are so small, they can easily be combined with water.

Water Soluble CBD benefits

Thankfully, Water Soluble CBD becomes a really good delivery method for CBD because it helps enter the system naturally and it can also be affordable to the consumer too. There are many benefits related to Water Soluble CBD. You will have a much better bioavailability concentration when compared to other products on the market. You can also add it to edibles and other compounds with ease, which is super handy and convenient.

How often can you use Water Soluble CBD?

The Water Soluble CBD is usable pretty much like normal CBD solutions. You can take it once or a few times per day. But it’s important to talk with the doctor first just to be safe. There might be some dosage concerns, but talking with a medical professional should be able to stop that.

We encourage you to use Water Soluble CBD as it’s a lot easier to absorb by the human body. It’s faster, more efficient and definitely very easy to use. That alone makes it a really good pick for anyone that wants to use CBD oil with fast absorption!