Terpenes: Do They Works As Personalized Medicine?

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a large class of organic compounds found in many plants. They can be found in the oils of a variety of plants. Out of more than 20,000 terpenes, cannabis plants produce around 100. Cannabis plants have high levels of terpenes in them.

Terpenes are the reason plants have a distinct and robust flavor, smells, and color. There are many strains of cannabis, and terpenes help us identify which ones can be beneficial.

If cannabinoids and terpenes work together, they have stronger effects, and if they work against each other, the consequences could be very harmful.

Terpenes/Cannabis and personalization

Personalized medicine is defined as a medicine made specifically for each patient’s unique clinical and genetic information. If you have enough information about your endocannabinoid system, you could make personalized cannabis.

Scientists spend a lot of time studying the genetics of different plants. Plant strains and terpenes indicate all medical information to help us in identifying the different strains.

Cannabis-based medical care enables a patient to control their treatment. The patient can choose from different cannabis strains according to their medical needs. They can also decide what should be the dosage amount.

Doctors look for the best treatment, considering each patient’s unique condition. Data about genetic, clinical, and environmental information is collected.

There are around 800 strains of cannabis, all with different cannabinoid ratios and terpenes profiles. All these strains have various medical benefits. Patients can select from all these strains according to their unique condition. 

After selecting the right strain, you can enjoy more personalization through temperature control. Different terpenes vaporize at different temperatures. If you customize the temperature according to your need, it can maximize the effect of the treatment. 

You can also personalize your medicine by controlling the dose level. The amount of dosage has a direct effect on the patient.

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Benefits Of Terpenes

Terpenes have several benefits:

  1. Inhibits cancer cell growth
  2. Reduces risk of heart disease
  3. Increase cognitive functioning
  4. Reduces stress level

Types of terpenes

There are several types of terpenes found in cannabis:

  1. Limonene

    Limonene is found in citrus and gives them their distinctive smell. It is a well-known anti-depressant.
  1. Myrcene

    It is the most common type of terpene found in cannabis. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.
  1. Terpinolene

    It has slightly sedative, antibacterial, and anti-cancerous properties.
  1. Alpha-pinene

    It is found in pine needles and is responsible for its distinctive smell. It is Energetic and therapeutic.
  1. Humulene

    It is used as a hunger-suppressant. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  1. Linalool

    It has sedative and anti-epileptic properties. It is found in more than 150 plants.
  1. Eucalyptol

    It can reduce the growth of cancer cells. It is also used for treating pain and depression. It can also reduce arthritis pain.

If you use these different types of terpenes properly, they can help in treating various diseases. You must know how to combine different terpenes and what should be the dosage amount. Thus – We can say that Terpenes or cannabis can be personalized medicine.