CBD Oil | Full Spectrum | 30% + 8% CBG

CBD Oil | Full Spectrum | 30% + 8% CBG


Your daily recovery CBD+CBG oil to support muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. Our flagship CBD & CBG oil is the first of its kind to feature a 1:4 ratio of CBG to CBD. This CO2 superior full-spectrum oil extract offers a revolutionary blend of cannabinoids and Terpenes that focuses on muscle fatigue, reducing Lactic acid, Inflammation, pain, and recovery. We are paving the way in minor cannabinoid research so you can enjoy the best quality CBD product on the market.

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Nature-Pharm sets the standart for quality


Nature-Pharm CBD oil tinctures are your go-to CBD product if you want to keep it simple and clean. We start with our Superior FUll Spectrum hemp extract, drawn from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the EU and carefully formulated and tested to include only the best cannabinoids and terpenes while staying under 0.3% THC. We infuse these tinctures in MCT oil, a plant-based oil that your body burns quickly to give you a boost of energy without a big deposit on your waistline.

Nature-Pharm CBD oil tinctures also provide the greatest speed and precision in administering the amount of CBD you want. You can measure one of our four concentrations out by the drop, and by holding the CBD oil under your tongue before swallowing, you can start to feel the benefits faster than you would by consuming a CBD edible or capsule. With all the great natural Terpenoids flavors, CBD tinctures can add more kick to a whole variety of foods and drinks!


You can measure one of our four concentrations out by the drop, holding it under your tongue before swallowing, you will start to feel the relaxing benefits faster than you would by consuming any other cbd oil on the market.


There are many variables that go into deciding how much CBD you should take. Before trying CBD, be sure to talk to your doctor about an appropriate dosage and any potential risks. If your doctor tells you how much to use, stick to their recommendation. This is especially important if you are taking a prescription medication that contains CBD, such as Epidiolex, a form of seizure medication.

Some people describe the effects of CBD as producing an autopilot sensation. It feels like your body is reacting automatically without much conscious thought. While this is happening, you remain perfectly in-control, and your mental state remains clear.

While CBD is a naturally occurring component of Cannabis, it does not cause a “high” like some may think. CBD is derive directly from the hemp plant, which is a legal term for the Cannabis plant having 0.3% or less delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content by dry weight.

The entourage effect is a term that refers to the enhancing, synergetic effect that occurs when the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and botanical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant are consumed together. Cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors that are found in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS helps your nervous, immune, endocrine and digestive systems work together to regulate sleep, mood, reproduction, immune function, pain, motor control, brain function, appetite, metabolism, cardiovascular function, body temperature, and digestive functions.

CBD oil can trigger side effects, common symptoms include:

Changes in appetite, Changes in mood, Dry mouth

CBD oil may also increase liver enzymes (a marker of liver inflammation).

CBD has many well-documented health benefits. Most of its effects come from its ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — that is out of a series of receptors spread throughout the body. Other benefits stem from CBD’s impact on cell regeneration and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.

The primary benefits of CBD include:

  • Alleviates pain & inflammation

  • Supports mental health & wellbeing

  • Supports healthy skin

  • Protects the brain

  • Supports digestive function

  • May protect the cardiovascular system

  • Supports reproductive health

  • Regulates hormones & metabolism

  • Regulates lactic acid

Hemp seed oil is very different from CBD oil and is not a suitable alternative. Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant. The seeds are rich in phytonutrients and omega-6 fatty acids but contain no active cannabinoids or terpenes. CBD oil is made from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. It’s rich in phytonutrients, cannabinoids, terpenes, and other medicinal compounds.

Oral forms of CBD, the onset times can range from 18 to 25 minutes. This is because the active ingredients need to pass through the stomach and into the small intestine, where they can be absorbed. CBD is fat-soluble, which means there’s even an extra step. CBD is first absorbed into lymph fluid, which travels up near the heart where it finally enters the bloodstream.


Hemp Extract – 97% naturally occurring phytocannabinoids.

Our formula is what truly helps Nature-Pharm set its products from the rest of the industry. Precise levels of CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDV and THCV infused with select cannabis terpenes.

MCT Oil – we only use proper ingredients sourced from the best providers in the EU. By using high-quality resources, we can certify that all of our products only include premium ingredients.

why buing from nature-pharm?

Nature-Pharm superior CBD produts are made in the EU with select ingredients by our people in our manufacturing facilities. All of our products are crafted by us with only the best raw materials – farm to bottle. we make our products Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Kosher, and Halal, and third-party tested. That’s the standard we hold ourselves to every day.

32 reviews for CBD Oil | Full Spectrum | 30% + 8% CBG

  1. Sujoy

    Good product Thank you

  2. Kim

    Really great product! I’m very selective about what I put into my body, I feel good about using Nature-Pharm’s plant based oils. One of my kids is a vegan, and they will only use this oil.

    A couple of months ago, I wrecked my knee while skiing. I used the oil to help my recovery and reduce inflammation. It also helped me with my pain. I appreciated that I could control the dosage with the drops. Now I’m walking easier, but I still use the drops with a hot cup of tea, as part of my daily relaxation routine.

  3. Horace

    It definitely helped me calm down before bed and relax my muscles and reduce inflammation..It also helped me tremendously I’m able to sleep better with no pain. Its amazingly worked,love this product.

  4. Shari Smith

    For the strength of the product, this is a very good price. The taste is nice, not always the case on these products generally. Have reacted well to taking it.

  5. Geraldine

    Have tried other CDB oils and they have worked but nature pharmas cbd oil worked very first day and was alot cheaper than other brands will buy again.

  6. James

    It is great for sleeping and pain.
    I sleeping better than before, and my backbone pain just going away day by day. Recommended this working cbd oil.

  7. Haskins

    I use it for 10 days and this CBD 30%+CBG 8% work amazing for backbone pain relief and good sleep. I recommended this product.

  8. Shelor

    I have multiple sclerosis and my brother has manic depression. I do not like to take pain medication and I find this oil helps a lot. My brothers manic depression is very controlled after I gave him a bottle. He can go out with his wife and associate with fellow coworkers without the worry of manic depression. I recommended it to my son for neuropathy and he can stand longer without the nerve pain.The taste isn’t great, but I can deal with it because it WORKS!

  9. Eric

    Well, it’s CBD oil; it makes a decent brownie; seems to moisten my dry skin nicely; tastes decent enough. And also my 3 year knee pain 70% gone after 8 days use.
    But this is Nature Pharm CBD oil that is far too expensive for me to buy regularly.

  10. Sammy

    Made effect to medium pain Level. Flavor was good help with pain at all very happy compared to other brands.

  11. Lillie

    What I’ve been looking for!I was confused about the benefits of CBD oil. This oil is so helpful. I’m already using CBD oil for anxiety, and now I know the correct dosage for me. A great resource

  12. Paul

    I love this oil. It almost immediately helped my stiff back, (arthritis), and highly improved my BMs. With three types of omega fatty acids, it is probably doing much more that I haven’t noticed yet

  13. Juthi

    Helps with pain and that was main purpose it was ordered. Packaging will be more good.

  14. Susan

    Helps with pain and that was main purpose it was ordered

  15. Rahman

    I think i need the CBD oil that contains NP. This product is not bad.

  16. Aminul

    Best CBD oil for Pain

  17. Jay

    My husband has back pain do to disc’s that our out of place also has prostatitis, loves this product for pain relief! Also helping with my anxiety!

  18. Hugo

    I liked this product. It helps with bone pain. I tried other oils but this one works the best. I haven’t had much pain after using this product and it feels so good to be pain free. The product is easy to use and lasts a long time. The customer service was good as well.

  19. Ali

    I had severe inflammation in my hips for about 18 months .. which made it hard to walk, do stairs and lift my self up from the floor? ….. no way. For 10 days I took a morning dose and I noticed a huge change.. I am 90% better. I feel stronger, no pain and my mobility is back fully. I am so grateful to this wonderful plant. I take it religiously and I will take this for the rest of my life.

  20. Jacky

    I bought this in desperation, after a failed spinal fusion a few years ago and increasing pain from it I was seriously considering applying for disability. For me it’s a game changer. Would absolutely recommend for pain.

  21. Catherine

    It has helped to reduce my lower back pain and my restless legs have all but vanished. More restful nights are enjoyed also. The taste was expected to be horrible for me but I found it to be oily but not terrible.

  22. Joan

    Good product. Recommended

  23. Sirajul

    Great for anxiety and pain relief and helps me stay hydrated

  24. Tara

    I was leery about trying this product, but pleasantly surprised that my arthritis pain is considerably lessened and continues to decrease.
    Easy to take, pleasant taste … 👍👍

  25. Percy

    IT WORKS! ITS MY MIRACLE OIL. Good for fibromyalgia and lupus

  26. Sohon

    Was curious about CBD Oil in general, came across this gem and will be ordering more soon! I’m on my feet a lot and get painful joints. This Cbd Oil took it away after using few days . Fantastic value when you compare others Highly recommended!

  27. Karen

    I have struggled with pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis for years. I also have 3 discs in my lower back that are bad. I play golf as often as I can. I was sceptical that this product would work. It’s amazing. I’m playing without my back brace. I’m not getting up in the middle of the night because of pain. It took a little over a week for it to build up in my body. I am so happy after all these years to be able to be out of the miserable pain I’ve experienced. I’m 73 years old. I wish I’d had this product 20years ago.

  28. Mishore

    Its work excellent for my 3 year leg joint pain

  29. Jennifer

    I got this for my friend one year ago and he takes 1 tablespoon a day and his elbow, shoulder and knees have not hurt him after the first month, he takes this daily and since I have some health issues I decided to try it. I am very pleased and will continue taking it, I just take 1 teaspoon per day and then drink some juice.
    Thank you for this amazing product.

  30. Daniel Law

    This is good stuff. It has reduce a lot of my arthritis in my knees.

  31. Stephanie Richardson

    This benefits of using this cbd oil have changed my life for the better and that isn’t an exaggeration.

  32. Danielle Tomlinson

    Nature Pharms customer service should be the industry standard! Incredibly responsive, kind, and helpful. As for the product itself, it is incredibly effective in reducing pain and encouraging restful sleep. I’m very satisfied with this product and will happily recommend it to all my friends and colleagues. Thank you, Nature Pharm 😘 💖

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