CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

We all heard that there’s a connection between hemp oil and CBD Oil, but it can be very hard to spot. CBD is a compound which is derived from cannabis, and since both marijuana and hemp come from sativa, this can add to the confusion.

What makes the difference between the 2 is that hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds and CBD oil is derived from the flowers extract. Hemp (seed) oil has a very small amount of THC and CBD oil typically has a higher THC percentage(although also fairly low < 0.3 %). ‘Marijuana’has higher THC levels than 0.3%. That makes hemp oil great because it doesn’t cause a ‘high’ effect. However, hemp can also be used for textile, such as creating plastic composites, construction materials, ropes, clothes, paper and so on.

Oil derived from the hemp plant and its derivatives will have high levels of CBDand low levels of THC. It’s easy and legal to purchase CBD oil due to its low THC % in most countries around the world. Hemp is easy to grow and holds massive health and environmental potential.

You can use hemp seed oil for cooking which is soldin most health food stores. It adds flavors to recipes which are very distinctive and powerful in their own right.

Trichomesare hair like, tiny crystals that cover the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant. They are actually known to create hundreds of cannabinoids but THC and CBD are known to be the ones who play the largest role in the endocannabinoid system.

You will find CBD and THC in cannabis oil (made from High THC strains), but the ratio will differ usually based on the plant variety. This type of oil comes with great therapeutic value. It can help you with heart health, lowering pain, improving your appetite, eliminating sleep-related disorders and it’s also great for anxiety relief. The regulation of cannabis oil typically stems fromthe THC percentage and levels. This means you can get into