CBD oil supplements received via vaporization can deliver all the benefits,rapidly. For this reason, people rely on CBD vape oil instead of tincture oils or edibles, because the effects take only a few minutes. In addition, you get much better efficiency since the active compounds are immediately a part of the bloodstream. As a result, the bioavailability is much better, the CBD amount you can absorb is much higher and the method on its own is cleaner and more reliable to begin with.

A good thing is that CBD vape oil is heated well under the combustion point, so there’s no need to worry about any downsides. That helps a lot because it’s not as dangerous as smoking and the overall limit is super simple to begin with.


The vaporizer is an electronic device used for vaping. It arrives in various outputs and formats and it uses a coil convection in order to heat the liquid and provide you with all the benefits. The coil is made either out of titanium, nickel or stainless steel and it’s wrapped in Egyptian cotton or Japanese cotton. As a result, this will absorb the vape juice to offer a much better and more comprehensive experience. Basically, the cotton will be heated until the oil will start to vaporize.


Not every CBD oilmay be vaped. It needs a particular thickness and consistency so it can be absorbed into the cotton. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin make this happen. VG is odorless and clear and comes from various plant oils like coconut, soy and palm oil. You can also encounter it in multiple skin care products and it even has a great taste too.

PC on the other hand is synthetic organic and it’s the one that brings in that cloud effect. Fog machines and inhalers have it, and it’s not toxic at all. 


Vaping is healthier when compared to smoking but it’s not perfect. There are short-term and mid-term studies that confirm there are no real side effects that will damage your lungs. However, there were a few side effects if you add nicotine into the mix. Unfortunately, there are no major long term studies as of yet.